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.;when a sailing ship don't need a moon;.

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obsessions don't have reasons, that's why they're obsessions
-Robert Kincaid,
The Bridges of Madison County

I think the best role models for women are people who are
fruitfully and confidently themselves,
who bring light into the world

-Meryl Streep

talking in circles.

about me; Born Sarah Asenath Margaret. Goes by Sarah. I'm named after my great grandmother and my mother. I'm 23. Canadian. Born in the last days of December. I'm a cook. My life is pretty much that and this. I've never been in love. I hope one day for my happy ending. I'm very old fashion and I believe there are happy endings.

my lady loves; Reba McEntire. Kelly Clarkson. Meryl Streep. Carrie Underwood. Mariska Hargitay. Audrey Hepburn. Julie Andrews. Sela Ward. Taylor Swift. Rachel McAdams.

my film & television loves; Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. NCIS. Friends. Once and Again. Grey's Anatomy. Reba. Breakfast At Tiffanys. Mamma Mia! The Bridges of Madison County. It's Complicated. Julie & Julia. Out of Africa. The Notebook. Message In A Bottle. The Sound Of Music.

my other loves; Reading. Music. Films. Friends. Photography. Brownies. Baking.

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90210, all my children, amanda seyfried, american dreams, angie harmon, anne hathaway, annette bening, art, audrey hepburn, barbra streisand, blake lively, blends, breakfast at tiffanys, bridges of madison county, brittany snow, brothers and sisters, california dreams, carrie underwood, cary grant, catherine middleton, catherine zeta-jones, charlie's angels, claire forlani, classic movies, concerts, country music, csi: las vegas, csi: new york, dallas, dawson's creek, dear john, derek shepherd, derek/meredith, desperate housewives, diane keaton, diane lane, dianna agron, duchess of cambridge, dvds, ellen and portia, ellen degeneres, ellen pompeo, elliot/olivia, faith hill, family, films, frank sinatra, friends, glee, gossip girl, grace kelly, grey's anatomy, house, house md, house/stacy, icon tutorials, icons, itunes, jack and kate, jaclyn smith, jennifer grey, julianna margulies, julie andrews, kate hudson, kate jackson, kate middleton, kate walsh, katie holmes, kelly and reba, kelly clarkson, kristen bell, kristin scott thomas, lauren bacall, law & order: svu, law and order svu, lea michele, letters to juliet, lily and rufus, lily manning, listening to music, lost, mamma mia, mamma mia!, mandy moore, marcia cross, marg helgenberger, mariska hargitay, melissa peterman, meredith grey, meredith/derek, meryl streep, michelle wright, miranda lambert, movies, music, musicals, natasha richardson, ncis, nicholas sparks, nights in rodanthe, once and again, pacey & joey, patrick dempsey, peyton/mac, photography, photoshop, portia de rossi, princess catherine, princess diana, princess kate, rachel mcadams, rain, rascal flatts, reading, reba, reba and kelly, reba mcentire, richard gere, rizzoli & isles, rizzoli and isles, sasha alexander, sela ward, sex and the city, snow patrol, spice girls, switched at birth, taylor swift, thankful, the american president, the big bang theory, the devil wears prada, the family stone, the good wife, the notebook, the sound of music, three's company, valerie bertinelli, vanessa redgrave, veronica mars, victor/victoria, vivien leigh, writing

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